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Amintro Story
Remember back in school when friends were plentiful and socializing was a breeze?

Before careers, family and all kinds of other diversions took over. Then you get to 50 or more and circumstances change and life gets less busy with obligations.

You suddenly have more time to spend the way you want and more time to be with people you enjoy.

The challenge, after so many years of concentrating on other things besides what makes you happy, is that it can be hard to know how to make the most of this time and for many of us, our once wide circle of friends has become much smaller.

What Makes Us Unique
We are not a dating site!

Amintro believes in the old-fashioned power of simple friendship; the value of a good chat, the joy of a shared laugh, the comfort of someone who listens, and the fun of spending time with like-minded people.

The Amintro Promise

The inspiration for Amintro was my mom, Marge, who was widowed in 2001 at the age of 56. Although she continued to lead an independent and active life, like many others, she was plagued with loneliness resulting from a life spent focused on family and work, which left little time for socializing and nurturing friendships. It was from this research and my desire to see my Mom be less lonely that, in 2012, the vision for Amintro was conceived.
Charlene Nadalin, Founder
This Is Who We Are
Amintro was created for you and is all about you.

We are a social club and online community exclusively for adults ages 50+ that aims to bring friendship back! Amintro recognizes that friendship knows no bounds and it knows no age.

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