Here is a list of frequently asked questions we’ve received about Amintro.
You asked. We answered.

Is Amintro an online dating site?

No. Amintro is an online friendship-making platform and app exclusively for adults 50+, and a trusted source for relevant, educational and entertaining articles designed to enhance the lives and lifestyles of mature adults.

Why is Amintro only focused on friendship?

Friendships contribute to a healthier mind and body.

Why should I join Amintro?

Amintro makes it easier for mature adults to get involved, get more active, be more social, make more friends and create new exciting goals.

What does it cost to join Amintro?

Amintro is FREE to join and helps members connect with new friends who have similar life experiences, social circles, passions, and interests. Meet-up in your neighborhood; head to the farmer’s market; start a class together; dine and make plans to travel the world; and much more.

What can I expect as a member of Amintro?

By joining Amintro, you can experience healthful benefits by connecting with people in your community. You can increase your circle of friends, experience something new, enjoy activities and events nearby or abroad, and most importantly create new adventures. Sign up today!

Who can join Amintro?

Any mature adults ages 50+ and located in Canada and the United States can join the Amintro community, and start connecting with likeminded adults nearby who are interested in expanding their social circles.

How do I join Amintro?

Joining Amintro is easy! The Amintro app can be downloaded to your smart device from the iTunes Apple Store or Google Play, or you can register directly from the Amintro website here. Once you’ve registered with Amintro, you can begin building your online profile. It takes about 10 minutes!

Do I need to upload a picture to my profile?

While it is not mandatory, having a picture or series of pictures of yourself will allow members of the Amintro community an opportunity to put a face to a name, and get to know you a little better. Many members post pictures of themselves enjoying their favorite hobbies and interests.

Is it safe to use?

At Amintro we are focused on building friendships in safe and meaningful ways. And while we strongly believe that most people are here for the same reasons you are – to make new friends, tackle new adventures and build relationships, it is still important to be vigilant, self-aware and follow your gut instincts when meeting new people, both online and in person. As such, we have compiled a list of safety tips we recommend all our members follow.

Additionally, we provide a private and secure communications service which lets you talk to a potential friend without needing to give them your personal contact information until you’re absolutely ready. We even provide several ‘ice breaker’ questions to get the conversation started!

What is the origin of the name ‘Amintro’?

Amintro: Created and developed by founder and president, Charlene Nadalin.  A word that reflects our purpose and mission; to introduce people and help make new friends. Taking the work Ami, the prefix in Latin-based words that means friends, such as amigos in Spanish, ami in French, and amici in Italian, and adding ‘intro’ which is a shortened version of introduce. Combined we get: Amintro.

Does my last name appear publicly?

No. Amintro is a members-only, private, online community, so your name will not appear in any searches done through search engines.  Within the Amintro online community, your name will only become visible once you become friends with fellow members.

What happens if no one is matched with me?

As Amintro is a growing community and our friendship criteria is high, it is possible that you may not receive any Friend Suggestions when you first join Amintro. If this happens, you can ‘search’ the community and make introductions of your own to start connecting with others. We will, of course, notify you when we have Friend Suggestions, so that you don’t miss out on making new friends.

What is the difference between a Suggestion and Introduction?

When two members of the Amintro community have enough in common, Amintro will send both members a Friend Suggestion. A Friend Introduction, alternatively, is sent by a member of the community who has read your profile and wants to connect with you.

Where can I find help or provide feedback?

You can reach us with any questions you may have, whether they’re to do with technical issues or how Amintro works, or feedback. We’d love to hear what you think about Amintro, and what you’d like to see from Amintro in the future. Just send us an email to help@amintro.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!