Sandra is 57. She was a home-maker, who raised three children who are now all living on their own. She was widowed one year ago. Sandra grew up in a rural area in near Green Bay, Wisconsin and now lives in a suburb of Chicago. She used to enjoy an annual cruise holiday with her husband and wants to continue travelling but has no one available to take this trip with.

Anne is 61. She is a retired engineer and is recently separated from her husband of 34 years. Anne was born in San Francisco but moved to Chicago after university. She has always wanted to travel but her husband never had the travel bug.

Sandra and Anne both completed profiles with Amintro. They then receive messages from Amintro, suggesting each other as potential friends and highlighting the reasons why they might make good friends. If they both accept this “friend suggestion”, they receive an “introduction” message that allows them to communicate directly with one another, within the Amintro system.

In this way, Amintro ensures that there is mutual agreement and interest in speaking to each other and people’s contact details remain private for your security. You can speak online, inside the Amintro system, for as long as you wish, before determining whether to convert an online friend to someone you actually meet.

Sandra and Anne chat online several times. They realize that they both love to go to the same farmer’s market on Saturday mornings and decide to meet in person there. Their market morning soon turns into lunch, as they discuss the possibilities of planning a travel adventure together.

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